CareXS Thelma
  • Independency and ease
  • Remote monitoring
  • In the safety of your own home

Straightforward medication use at home

It can be quite daunting, taking the proper medication at the correct time every day. Especially when you have different medications to be taken at different times during the day. Thelma® is a smart dispenser that organises, schedules and delivers your medication with the touch of a button. Your healthcare provider or informal carer can monitor your medication use online.

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Using Thelma®

Your pharmacist gives you a roll with sachets holding your pills. You place this medication roll in the holder of Thelma®. The dispensers scans the data matrix on the medication sachets to check whether the correct medication roll has been placed. At the time specified by the pharmacy, Thelma® emits an audible alert. When you hear the alert, you press the dispense button and you receive an opened sachet with your pills. Any changes in your prescription or a missed dose are instantly recognised by the dispenser. It stops dispensing medication, and a notification will be sent to a healthcare provider.

  • Convenience
    Thelma® reminds you that it is time to take your medication and dispenses an opened medication sachet at the correct time.
  • Mobility
    If you need to go out or you go on vacation, Thelma® can be adjusted to dispense your pills earlier. You can also take the dispenser with you on your travels.
  • Reimbursement
    Thelma® might be eligible for reimbursement via your health insurance if you use it on the advice of the district nurse.
  • Freedom and independency
    With Thelma® you can manage your own medication use. Your healthcare provider or carer does not have to come to your house to help you with your meds.
  • Remote monitoring
    If you missed a dose, notifications will be sent to your caregivers. A healthcare provider will contact you personally.
  • Personalized
    Setting such as brightness of the display, volume and alerts can all be adjusted to personal preference.

Can Thelma® help you?


Thelma® delivers convenience and independence. Instead of feeling dependent on caregivers or family members to remember taking medication, Thelma® supports you to take good care of yourself.


Thelma® is a great support for nurses and personal support workers. The automatic dispensing will free up a portion of their busy day. Via CareXS Thelma they are informed about the medication use of their client.


Thelma® provides family members with peace of mind, knowing that their loved one is getting the support they need. It’s even possible for a family member to be digitally informed about the medication dispensing.

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