Client data in one
straightforward solution

With CareXS, you – the healthcare professional – always have access to the data that you need to deliver safe care. Our solutions centralise relevant data from various healthcare information systems and devices in easy-to-use applications. Working together with care professionals in other care chains will be easier, safer and more transparent.

Registration of medication administration

Always have access to current digital medication administration records.

  • Electronic registration of medication administration
  • Double-check with image for high-risk medication
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration and communication
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A secure platform for
healthcare collaboration

Client data from various information systems and medical devices in one single digital platform.

  • Digital exchange of data between pharmacy information systems, GP information systems, electronic client records and electronic health records.
  • Constantly a complete overview of current medication information.
  • Interoperability with healthcare information systems and devices.
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Safe anticoagulation care

The step towards digital patient-centred anticoagulation care.

  • Digital processing of INR values and/or notifications
  • Enhanced patient safety as well as medication safety
  • Direct communication with client and healthcare provider
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Independent medication use

Increases the client’s self-reliance.

  • Supports the dispensing of medication
  • Remote care and monitoring
  • More time for efficient care
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The virtual consultation room

Meet your clients and fellow healthcare providers in an online environment. 

  • Deliver remote care
  • Video consultations and live chats
  • Answering your client’s questions from a centralised platform
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