Standardized electronic data exchange

With CareXS, the current information system of your organisation remains leading. Our solutions seamlessly connect with existing information systems. CareXS will be fully integrated into the IT landscape, so that healthcare providers can continue to use their own familiar systems.

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Extensive possibilities for automatic linking

By working with industry standards we are able to make information available to all healthcare providers concerned. This is how we improve connectivity and interoperability.

Client data (database)

When you create a link to the electronic client record or to another information system, the client data are made available in CareXS.

Digital INR values and notifications

Digital INR values/readings and notifications are immediately made available to the anticoagulation monitoring services, nursing staff and GP through the dosing platform/decision support software of the anticoagulation monitoring services.

Medication data

A link with the Pharmacy Information System makes the medication data available in CareXS.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

With SSO you only need to log on once to your current information system, such as the electronic client record. You have direct access to CareXS from your own system. You do not need to log on again.

Staff member information

With a link to the organisation’s information system the data and authorisations of staff members will be copied into CareXS. The management of the data stays in your own information system.

Digital dosing schedule

Through a link with the dosing platform of the anticoagulation monitoring service, different healthcare providers can access the digital dosing schedule. Any changes in the dosing schedule are immediately available to authorised CareXS users.

Deep linking

CareXS uses deep linking (a hyperlink) to ensure a seamless connection to your own healthcare information system. It will direct you straight to the correct page in CareXS.

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