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The smart assistant for medication use

As a healthcare provider, you support clients who need care and attention every day. Often, this means visiting a client several times a day to administer their medication. With a smart dispenser, clients can manage their medication more independently. CareXS Thelma allows you remote access to the client’s medication and notifies you about the medication that is being dispensed at any given moment.

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Overview of medication dispensing

CareXS Thelma is a digital solution that provides an overview of the medication being dispensed by the smart dispenser. By scanning the data matrix on the medication sachets, the dispenser checks whether the correct medication roll has been placed. Thelma® knows when a reminder notification must be sent to the client. If there are any changes in the prescription, or if something is wrong, this will be immediately monitored by Thelma®. It will not dispense medication, but it will send a signal to a healthcare provider. The healthcare provider can monitor the medication dispensing in CareXS Thelma remotely at all times.

Benefits of CareXS Thelma

  • More efficient care
    With the Thelma® smart dispenser clients take their medication independently and their medication use is monitored in CareXS Thelma. This solution frees up valuable time that health workers and carers can use for other care tasks.
  • Maintains and supports independence
    With the support of Thelma® clients can continue living independently at their own home.
  • Integration with digital registration of medication administration
    Our electronic administration registration system CareXS Meddy provides a digital overview of your client’s medication use at all times.
  • Involve informal carers
    Informal carers can track their loved ones’ medication use in CareXS Thelma®. This enables them to be better informed and support their loved one when needed.
  • Logs the actions
    The dispenser logs various actions. The actions for which the healthcare provider should receive notifications (for example when a medication moment is missed) are determined by the healthcare organisation.
  • Notifications and support
    The working arrangements between care providers will determine who will follow-up a notification from Thelma®. Follow-up of notifications can be done by in-house healthcare providers, external care services or an informal carer.

Which clients can benefit from CareXS Thelma®?

A smart dispenser helps support independence in the home and increases self-reliance. Thelma® can be a suitable support device for people with:

  • (early) cognitive decline
  • loss of hand strength
  • mild intellectual dissability

With Thelma® by their side, your client is not alone. There is always a network of healthcare providers at hand to help the client where and if necessary.

Getting started with Thelma® smart dispenser?

If you want to start working with Thelma®, the medication rolls that you have to meet the correct specifications. In some cases, your in-house pharmacy can deliver medication rolls suitable for Thelma®. Is this not yet the case? Then we are more than willing to discuss the possibilities with the pharmacy and MDS supplier. Often just a few minor adjustments are required. Please, contact us for more information.
You want to start using CareXS Thelma® and you wonder if your current MDS supplier delivers medication rolls that are suitable for Thelma®. If not, we are more than willing to talk with your MDS supplier. Often just a few minor adjustments are required. Do you have any questions or do you want advice? We look forward to hearing from you.
If you want to start using Thelma®, the medication rolls you use now should meet certain specifications. By scanning a data matrix on the medication sachet, the dispenser will know that the correct roll has been placed and, for example, at what time the client should receive a reminder. We have information on these specification available and would like to contribute our ideas on the implementation. Please reach out to our advisors through the contact form.

Committed to privacy and security

At CareXS, we are well aware of the importance of information security, this is why we are committed to the highest security standards. External auditors have confirmed that our organisation meets the standards for information security. We are ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified.

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