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  1. Electronic registration of medication administration
  2. Double-check for high-risk medication
  3. Collaboration across chains of care

Complete and current overview of each client’s medication use

With CareXS Meddy you always have a complete and up-to-date overview of your client’s medication use at hand. You instantly see which meds have been given, which have been set out and which are managed by the client. All caregivers involved have access to and insight in the client’s medication use – not just the district nurse, but the pharmacy, GP and informal caregivers as well. Every action and every notification can be seen in real-time in CareXS Meddy. It is not just quick, but safe as well.

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Multidisciplinary collaboration in a digital environment

Care providers are all connected in CareXS Meddy on the basis of treatment relationship. They have access to medication information via a secure connection. In CareXS Meddy you can find an up-to-date overview of medication use. You select a client and immediately see which medication should be administered. A change in the administration list by the pharmacist is immediately visible. You can trust that you provide care with complete and current information. How CareXS helps:

  • Safety. You always have an overview of the actions of other care providers.
  • Speed. Each registration is immediately visible to other healthcare providers.
  • Less handling time. Thanks to built-in communication tools, you spend less time requesting and providing information.
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Features of CareXS Meddy

  • Straightforward medication administration records
    For each client you have digital, up-to-date medication administration records. You can check your client’s medication for the entire week or just the medication that has to be given at a specific time.
  • Double-check for high-risk medication
    High-risk medication in CareXS Meddy has to be double-checked. As confirmation for double-check you show a colleague or a 24/7 care service an image of the high-risk medication.
  • Digital registration of patches and injections
    The use of fentanyl patches or insulin injections is recorded with the digital ‘patch and injection’ registration. This allows you to work entirely online.
  • Secure communication
    You can share a message by simply using pre-specified categories. Depending on the working arrangements there is no longer any need for calls or e-mails.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
    CareXS Meddy has been developed with the user in mind. Straightforward and suitable for day-to-day practice.
  • Engage carers as partners in care
    Engage and include carers in the care process. By doing so you can mobilise the care capacity and free up time to tend to your client’s needs.
  • Single Sign-On
    CareXS links seamlessly to your own information system. You can find more information on SSO here.

Customers about CareXS Meddy

“As a healthcare provider you can really trust that you are giving the right medication.” Astrid van den Berg (Amstelring Wijkzorg) explains how CareXS Meddy makes the work of district nurse teams safer and more transparent.

District nurse team case

“If you receive a phone call, you must answer it immediately. But you can process a note in CareXS when you have time. That works much better.” Arjan Hoekstra (Pharmacy de Kind) explains how CareXS Meddy improves the work of pharmacists.

Pharmacy case

Committed to privacy and security

At CareXS, we are well aware of the importance of information security, this is why we are committed to the highest security standards. External auditors have confirmed that our organisation meets the standards for information security. We are ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified.

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