• Safe remote care
  • Video calls and live chat
  • Centralized handling of healthcare questions

Meet clients and fellow care providers in our Consultation Room

With the support of our digital Consultation Room you can provide safe care remotely. You are in contact with your clients and care colleagues. Even if you cannot or do not want to physically be in the same place. You guide clients via video calls or conduct multidisciplinary consultations with fellow healthcare providers, and you monitor medical data and devices remotely. Remote care is accessible and simple. This way, everyone can receive the care they need.

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Safe remote care with video calling and chat function

In the CareXS Consultation Room you provide care via videocalls, chat and by sharing documents and files. You have face-to-face contact with the client and potentially the informal caregiver. You can also consult with other fellow healthcare providers such as doctors and specialists.

Answer questions efficiently with Live Chat

Clients ask the healthcare organisation questions via the Live Chat. As an organisation, you have the choice to answer questions internally or refer to external professionals. The purpose of the chat functionality is to quickly provide clients with information and thereby relieve the burden on primary care professionals. General or frequently asked questions are automatically answered by the chat. On the basis of triage, a transfer is made to a healthcare professional in the Digital Consultation Room if necessary. The Live Chat is very accessible, even for the elderly, and is available via the app or the website of the care organisation.

Current and complete client files

Information that you exchange in the Digital Consultation Room can be added directly to the medical files of the client. As a result, treatment information is always complete and accurate.

Digital care in times of Covid

To prevent the further spread of the corona virus, it is necessary to limit physical contact as much as possible. Especially now it is important to be able to provide remote care. In the CareXS Consultation Room, clients receive the care they need without physical contact. This reduces the likelihood that clients and healthcare professionals will be infected with the virus.

Due to covid, there are also many more questions about the virus and our health. The Live Chat supports professionals by answering these questions in a more efficient way. They are only contacted if the readily available information is not sufficient.

Implementation support

The Consultation Room is a cloud-based application. The service is immediately available and can be set up with minimal time investment. Our goal is to completely unburden you in the implementation of the solution. If desired, we integrate the Consultation Room with the source system of the organization. The Consultation Room is also integrated with our electronic administration registration CareXS Meddy and with CareXS Thelma for remote medication care.

CareXS works with experienced professionals to make this solution affordable. This can be done with a subsidy application or with an appropriate business case that leads to good agreements with a health insurer. Read more about our services here.

Advantages of the CareXS Consultation Room

  • Safe care from a distance
  • Efficient use of care capacity
  • Centralised processing of care queries
  • Rapid implementation and integration options
  • Accessible, secure and personal

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