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  • Digital processing of INR values and/or notifications
  • Enhanced patient safety
  • Quick, digital communication

Working together to achieve safe anticoagulant care

CareXS Ally replaces error-prone manual processes in anticoagulant care and ensures a safe fully digitalised process. CareXS Ally supports the anticoagulation monitoring service by providing fully digital processing of the INR values and notifications. And in the event of a venous blood draw by providing fully digital processing of all notifications. The dosing department can see the data in real-time. They can start work immediately and their dosing advice can be digitally accessed by the client sooner. CareXS goes one step further and makes the digital dosing schedule available to all treating care providers – an important safety control when working with high-risk medication.

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How does CareXS Ally help?

Anticoagulant medication belongs to the group of high-risk medications. It is literally a matter of life and death that all treating healthcare providers have an overview of the client’s medication use. CareXS offers an integrated solution giving healthcare providers access to the client’s medication use at all times. A complete, up-to-date overview that allows them to make safe medical decisions.

Information such as INR values and notifications are processed in real-time. The healthcare provider can immediately ask the client if there are any relevant announcements when a value differs. And there is no need for the healthcare provider to process information afterwards.

Features of CareXS Ally

  • User-friendly
    CareXS Ally allows the healthcare provider to work according to protocol and prevents any errors by practical built-in solutions. CareXS Ally makes the healthcare provider feel safe and supported.
  • High reliability of information
    The INR value will be processed directly from the Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) device. There is no longer any need to enter the data by hand or record it more than once, thus eliminating transcription errors.
  • Secured communication
    CareXS Ally facilitates quick, secured communication between the anticoagulation monitoring service and the client.
  • Onscreen overview
    In the onscreen overview you immediately see how the INR values and notifications are being processed. Here, you can see whether information has been processed correctly and if all necessary information is available.
  • App for patients
    We also have a practical app for patients: CareXS Ally Personal. With this application, the patient always has an overview of the recommended dosages and relevant notifications at hand.
  • Support with the fingertip puncture
    You measure the INR value with a fingertip puncture. CareXS Ally scans the value and sends the results to the dosing department.

Working together with pharmacies, GP and nurses
(Near-Patient Testing)

In collaboration with healthcare institutions and GPs, the CareXS Ally platform can be set up for Near-Patient Testing (NPT). The nurse or physician measures the INR value with POCT device. The anticoagulation monitoring service can digitally access the INR values and notifications in real-time and a link to the information system of the pharmacy gives them an accurate up-to-date overview of the client’s medication use and history and any potential interactions. This eliminates the need to manually record the medication information.

Technical specifications and implementation

All our solutions are available online and can be used on devices currently in use. Users log in through or through the application. There is no need for any additional installation, management or maintenance of your IT infrastructure. We are very experienced in supporting the implementation of CareXS Ally. For more information on our implementation support, please click here.

Committed to privacy and security

At CareXS, we are well aware of the importance of information security, this is why we are committed to the highest security standards. External auditors have confirmed that our organisation meets the standards for information security. We are ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified.

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