Pharmacy de Kind & CareXS

15 january 2021 – customercase – 5 min.

On an administration list, a nurse can see which medication a client is receiving and at what time it should be administered. At Apotheek de Kind (part of the Nieuw Vennepse Pharmacies) they have been working with the digital solution CareXS Meddy for a few years now. With this they distribute administration lists digitally and they work even better with the neighborhood teams. In this article we speak with pharmacist Arjan Hoekstra.

“The biggest advantage of working with CareXS? Fewer errors in medication administration.”

Collaborate in a digital environment

“The biggest advantage of working with CareXS is that there are fewer errors in medication administration.” Says Arjan Hoekstra. “Because we do not deliver the administration list on paper, but online, changes and comments are immediately visible.” Previously, the pharmacy communicated mainly by telephone and e-mail with the neighborhood teams. “Assume that you have 500 clients, then there will be a lot of calls,” says Arjan Hoekstra. “And that interfered with daily business.” In CareXS Meddy, every healthcare provider can create notes at client level about, for example, side effects, reorders or the dosage. This saves a pharmacy many emails and phone calls.

As a pharmacist you also do not see what happens at home with clients. You often do not know how medication or medical devices are used at home. Employees of the neighborhood team do visit clients and signal things that a pharmacist and general practitioner do not see. In CareXS Meddy, the pharmacist can now still see whether there are important announcements, and also how medication is used and therefore how compliance a client is.

“If you receive a phone call, you must answer it immediately. You can process a note in CareXS when you have time. That works much better.”

Ready to use in less than one hour

At Apotheek de Kind they heard good stories about CareXS from fellow pharmacists. When their affiliated neighborhood teams started working with CareXS Meddy, they really couldn’t stay behind. The implementation of CareXS at Apotheek de Kind is going smoothly. “We had to make little or no adjustments in our system, because everything is fully automatic.” Arjan Hoekstra indicates. “After an hour everything is ready. Perhaps even faster.” 

Employees of Apotheek de Kind have followed training together with home care. This is valuable because all care providers involved immediately see and hear what their fellow care providers encounter. Then you jointly determine how to solve this as effectively as possible.

The benefits of CareXS according to Apotheek de Kind

  • No more printing administration lists
  • Fewer errors in medication administration
  • Time savings thanks to efficient communication via digital notes
  • Insight into medication use and adherence
  • Handling questions and reorders at a time desired by you (less disruption)

Would you like to know more about the collaboration between pharmacies and CareXS?

In recent years we have introduced CareXS at many home care organizations, pharmacies and hospitals. We can help you improve medication safety and (multidisciplinary) collaboration within your organization. Please contact us for more information.