Amstelring Wijkzorg & CareXS

5 januari 2021 – case study – 5 min.

Amstelring Wijkzorg is a Dutch home care organization, offering care to clients who need help with daily care, medication administration and other caring actions. They do this with approximately 600 employees in the region of Amsterdam. From the desire to provide safe care and to work efficiently with other care providers, they have started a collaboration with CareXS. This started with the electronic administration registration and digital collaboration environment CareXS Meddy. And at the moment they have also started a pilot with the Thelma® smart dispenser.

 “As a health care provider you can really trust that you are giving the right medication.”

The challenge

The collaboration between CareXS and Amstelring Wijkzorg starts in 2014. Like many CareXS customers, Amstelring has the ambition to provide the safest care possible. An alternative solution had to be found for the paper administration registration. “The paper checklist was very prone to errors. Especially if things on the administration list had to be changed. People would then write things on it and that became very confusing.” Says Astrid van den Berg (quality of care and medication safety at Amstelring). They also became increasingly aware of the number of people who die each year due to medication errors. By supporting healthcare providers with smart applications, Amstelring Wijkzorg wants to continue to limit the risks during medication administration as much as possible.

Collaborate efficiently with all pharmacies

With CareXS Meddy, healthcare providers see all the medication information they need in one overview, just like on the paper administration list. Because you work together in a digital environment, the information is always up to date and complete. The application supports healthcare providers with up-to-date medication information and built-in controls, for example during data entry and administration. “As a healthcare provider, you can really trust that you are giving the right medication.” Says Marcel Kerkhoff (responsible for ICT and residential care technology at Amstelring). “I call it ‘vandal-proof’, the system is self-explanatory.” Even people who had difficulties working with digital applications at the start quickly see the benefits. They no longer have to call or email the pharmacist first if something has changed. This prevents a lot of internal noise, which is also safer for clients.

During the implementation of CareXS Meddy, special attention is paid to collaboration between the different care providers. “Collaboration with pharmacies has really been boosted with CareXS because we made better agreements. We hold regular meetings in which we discuss possible problems in our collaboration” says Astrid van den Berg.

“Collaboration with pharmacies has really been boosted by CareXS.”

Support healthcare at home with digital solutions

Healthcare continues to develop and that is why Amstelring Wijkzorg is looking for solutions that help to continue to meet the changing care demand. Amstelring has therefore recently started a pilot with the Thelma® smart dispenser. Thelma® helps clients to continue to independently organize their use of medicine by sending reminders and providing medication. From a distance, healthcare providers are kept informed about the medication use. The first impression of Thelma® at Amstelring Wijkzorg is positive.

Results for Amstelring

  • Better informed about administration and medication use
  • More confidence in medication administration
  • Increased medication safety thanks to digital data exchange and built-in controls
  • Collaborate efficiently and transparently with the pharmacy

Would you like to know more about the collaboration between Amstelring and CareXS?

In recent years we have introduced CareXS at many home care organizations, pharmacies and hospitals. We can help you improve medication safety and (multidisciplinary) collaboration within your organization. Please contact us for more information.